It on platform humorous adventure Samorost 3 Apple iOS, there be third part of cycle initiated in 2003 year by free browser game Samorost. Czech studio has processed integrity again Amanita Design, among others, have such production on account, as Machinarium if Botanicula.

About Samorost 3 iOS

It first scene of cycle 3 simultaneously Samorost, which has appeared on PC not only, and also on mobile fix-ups. Contrary to precursors, which was short very and simple titles, newest scene of series is full-dimension production offering several hour fun and professional execution completely.


Players are included to same small exstraterrestrial again, which was hero Samorost and 2 Samorost.


Directed is communicated by we forms with world behind assistance of space trumpet, which allows to establish dialog with different essences it and elements of enclosing. Game is typical adventure with interface of culminating point and click. It means, that fun relies on exact searching location mainly and solving of ingenious logical riddle.