The Sacred Legends for Android is released on the Android platform action-RPG, which is the first mobile installment of popular PC and console brand. The game has developed studio Chimera Entertainment.

Storyline The Sacred Legends for Android

The action The Sacred Legends.apk takes place in a classic tap fantasy, known as Ancaria.
free download sacred legend for androidIt is on the verge of extinction through a group of Demonic the Lords, where the goal is to open the gates of hell and the mortal lands spills the armies of darkness. Task is of course the tangle of these plans.


Mechanics The Sacred Legends.apk

Released on the Android Sacred Legends is a classically executed action-RPG. We observe the events from a camera stationed high above his head a hero, and the party comes down to explore the world, completing tasks, collecting experience and fighting hordes of enemies.
sacred-legend-for-androidYou can choose between several characters with a variety of skills, weapons and talent tree. There were also crafting system, allowing you to create your own items.

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