Pokemon GO iOS Created by studio Niantic in cooperation with The Pokémon Company. This is a mobile role-playing game that uses Augmented Reality technology.

About Pokemon Go iOS

The application uses the camera of smartphones and tablets to record the reality around us. Then applied to the image of an additional three-dimensional elements. In the created in this way the world looking for the next Pokémon. Following the guidelines of the GPS system.
pokemon go ios
Other elements of the game do not differ from the majority of the production of this series. Fun therefore focuses on finding and catching pocket monsters. Then coaching them and issuing to fight against other players from around the world.
pokemon go iphone
Application Pokemon GO ios also works with specially designed, sold separately gadget in the form of wristbands, allowing access to additional features in the game when we have just handy mobile device. The band vibrates and lights up whenever close to us there is a Pokemon.

How to download Pokemon Go iOS for iPhone, iPad

The game is quite easy to download and install on Android. Many readers want to learn how to download the game on your iPhone. If Pokemon Go ios is available in your area, all you have to do is go to the App Store and download the application. The catch is that it was officially released only in a few regions.
If it is not available in you area, you can still install the game, but the process is slightly longer. You must create a new Apple ID for the region in which Pokemon Go is officially available, such as the United States. Follow these steps and you should be able to download and install the Pokemon Go ios no matter where you live.

Create US Acount in i Tunes

We go to this page to create a new Apple ID. From the drop-down menu, select USA.Na open the iPhone App Store. Tap Featured in the lower panel. Scroll down and select your Apple ID. Select Logout, if you are already logged in. Again, those used to log data during registration. You’ll see a pop-up “This Apple ID has not yet been used on the iTunes Store.” Tap the image. Tap the United States in the country or region. Skip ahead to read the terms and privacy policy Apple and select Accept. The billing information, select none. Below enter found on the internet a valid address located in the United States. After entering the phone number yarn on and click ready (upper right corner)
After downloading and installing the game, change your ID to the original. The game will continue to work.