Pokemon GO for Android is devoid of classic role-playing layer, and the goal of the game – as in most views in the popular series – is to collect the title creatures, and then training them and issue to fight on special arenas.


Download Pokemon GO for Android

The game can be downloaded from google play

download pokemon go for android

Mechanics Pokemon GO for Android

The game itself takes place here, but in a completely different way than we have become accustomed to the classic productions of the Pokémon in the lead role, known mainly from mobile and stationary consoles from Nintendo. While the game derives from the typical series of elements of mechanics, and the fun we mainly exploring the world in search of another species of Pokemon, the main difference lies in the fact that the role of virtual wykreowanego for the game world, replaced the real world, recorded with the built-in camera mobile device.

About Pokemon GO for Android

The role of the player is and its crawl using virtual avatar and look for hiding its creatures using a smartphone. In the original version of the game there were 150 classic Pokémon and interestingly, while playing catch them in their natural environment (eg. Pokemon grass in the forest, and water in the vicinity of rivers, lakes or seas). Unlike most games in the series, to recruit encountered creature we do not have to fight him.

 pokemon go for android
 A three-dimensional model creation here superimposed on the camera image. Our task is to shoot the Pokeball. This is a special ball. to catch the Pokemon. This must be done skillfully, however, not to frighten creation. Because you will be surprised. It may also happen that the stronger Pokémon will be able to free themselves from the trap and catch them will need to use more than one Pokeball. Slightly different is the game, as well as character development system.


In Pokemon GO Android for Android raise skills. Not only for individual beings. The player gains experience in exchange for performing certain tasks. To catch new Pokemon. Or visiting the various interesting points on the map, known as PokeStop. Same substance characterized by a key parameter, ie. Combat points may have different types of attacks. Very interesting is the fact that during the game instead of Pokemon you can also find egg and reproduce his juvenile would require crossing a certain number of kilometers, or use of a special incubator. Some of the Pokémon can evolve. Change the stronger specimens. Evolution and creation of railway use special sweets. Resembling familiar with the main series of hits sweets called Rare Candy.