The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Android is the next production, the creators of the blockbuster mobile Balloon Mirosław Zombie Defense, as well as classic strategy series Earth 2100 and clearing. Complex game pirate was released a free model with optional mikropłatnościami. In the first place was on Android smartphones and tablets, and after a couple of weeks were placed on iOS devices and personal computers.

About The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Android

The game is clearly outlined in the plot and the action The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Android platform takes place in a large world with open structure, comprising a significant part of the Caribbean. The game takes control of the captain of a pirate ship and we aim to get exposure to his name on the surrounding waters. We are not here only for themselves, but also for a devoted crew, therefore, extremely important that the conditions in which she travels around the tropical seas, were the best possible. It is best to ensure that, by investing in better Pirate ships.

The mechanics of The Pirate Caribbean Hunt.apk

The fun begins on board a decent unfortunate husks, but simply some spectacular pirate action to raise funds to acquire the ships much more impressivethe powerful unit, equipped with dozens of cannons and several specialized types of ammunition.
Currently the game offers access to 16 ship classes and each of them can be further improved, significantly improving the underlying performance. Success on the high seas resulted in the captain’s growth also experience and unlocking new skills. But that’s not all. The time between missions, item-grabbing gameplay of merchant ships, pirate bases, forts and ports we also like unfettered development of private fleet. We are dealing here not only with the background, as the armada takes an active part in the fightthe player controls individual units in an indirect way, by issuing them a variety of orders.
Fleet turns out to be a useful during the fight with ships of war, attacks on convoys, as well as for protection, for example. in the course of recovering treasures or smuggling goods. Nothing stands in the way, to take over enemy units and attach them to your own Armada. Balloon, an experienced sailor, he moved his knowledge directly to the games, preparing compatible with the reality of sailing model and control of ships.
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As a result, the player during sea voyages must take into account the direction and speed of the wind, and also that the sails would bring him the most at any given time. During the walk you can RAM your opponents, and ships are divided into zones, which damage in various ways affects the behavior of the individual. The author went on even in the Caribbean, to bleed through the local climate and bring it to the game. As a result, he was able to design authentic, rich world, with hundreds of Islands, dozens of historic ports, weather variables, and a 24-hour cycle. The game also allows the establishment of their own pirate bases, as well as the construction and development of the different buildings.