Narcos Cartel Wars.apk is released for Android mobile strategy based on license woke, developed with a view to the Netflix service. The game uses a model free from mikropłatnościami, and produced her studio FTX Games.

The plot of the Narcos Cartel URWars.apk

The action takes place in Colombia, in the late 1970s. of the last century. Players take on the boss of a small drug cartel and must transform it into a real criminal empire. At the beginning we are working under the watchful eye of a patron, and when nabierzemy a little experience, you get full control over your future. While having fun, we have the opportunity to meet many familiar characters from the television series, which can be a big attraction for fans of the original.


Mechanics Narcos Cartel Wars Android

Story idea was carried out here in the form of a fairly typical for strategy games for mobile devices. When playing in the Narcos Cartel Wars Android we so the expansion of the base, where we have to construct new objects, we manage the business and improving technology.
All of this is, of course, be directed to the production of drugs, so we are conducting research on new recipes, and we organize production and transport. It is also necessary to the construction of defensive structures. At the same time, we need to train the death squads, which allow us to seize territories.
The skirmish turned in real time and as a result they often mandate the hiring. sicarios, or assassins, performing a similar role to characters in traditional strategies. All that we use in the clashes with artificial intelligence or other players. There were also options to conclude alliances with other users.

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