Games for tablets and smartphones in a post-apocalyptic climates we have admittedly quite a bit, but the Fallout from the flesh and blood in the mobile version, we had to wait a really good deal. When Bethesda decided finally for this step proved, however, that the end result is much better than anyone could have imagined.

About Fallout Shelter.apk

Fallout Shelter for Android is not although the RPG as its bigger” prototypes, but in no way does not receive him. The production, which takes in an experimental shelter and how it’s not hard to figureour goal is to keep it in the best possible condition. To do this we need to not only develop it on a regular basis, but also to take care of the populace.
The space is only used as a space to liveit’s also the place where are produced three basic raw materials, i.e., food, water and electricity. Depending on what employees there, we, the performance of the kitchen or power plant is differentso we need to plan well who where to put. The idea of fun it seems trivial, but addictive and offers a lot of entertainment even to people who are not big fans of economic simulators. As an important element of fun is to fight.

Storyine Fallout Shelter.apk

This we are in in two wayseither by sending one of the charges on the outside (the expedition we can follow only in textual form) or in the defence of the same crypt. From time to time our shelter invading bandits or we are attacked by mutant vermin to deal with them it is worth to equip residents with weapons and some protective clothing. Sometimes, however, even despite good equipmentdefensive struggle can bring surprisingly large losses.
All because of sometimes not precise control (dragging characters from one place to another is very problematic for smaller screens), through which the hot times it gets very dangerously. However, when they enter into practice the whole thing looks a tad better and allows you to enjoy the game without much trouble. In the overall Fallout Shelter is a very successful gamenot the most extensive production, does not offer deep layers of story, but simple mechanics and specific falloutowy the climate in more than enough to play us some good at least claimed the hours. The title helps a also the fact that you can be great fun without spending a buckmp have only allow you to purchase boxes with special characters or weapons, which you can easily unlock during normal gameplay.