Assassin’s Creed Identity Android is a mobile spin-off of the bestselling series games from Ubisoft, which is the eternal rivalry between orders of assassins and Templars. Unlike the titles from the mainstream series, in this case, a much greater emphasis on elements of RPG.

Storyline Assassin’s Creed Identity apk

The game takes us into the night in the Italian Renaissance, and so in the times of known players on the other hand a fully fledged series of reads. In the first available at launch campaign we have to face the mysterious and dangerous organization of Ravens. However, pointed out that the story does not play a greater role in Assassin’s Creed: Identity, because the authors have focused on the mechanisms of the game.

Description Assassin’s Creed Identity Android

If there is a series of games, which invokes the same positive, what is negative emotions is in question can only be about Assassin’s Creed, which is the flagship product of the French company Ubisoft. So far the game from this character appeared on consoles and PCs, but in the face of mobile market development dynamics more so could not remain. Identity is the first edition of the series that moved the known formula for smartphones and tablets.
In Assassin’s Creed: Identity apk takes on the character of a member of the order of the assassins, and then take part in a series of missions some of them tells the story of a dangerous organization, founded by Cesarego Borgię, the enemy of your favorite hero of the series, that is, Ezio Auditore. Then take part in individual missions that do not have a deeper background feature. This new cycle, where the story has always been of great importancein the mobile version is residual and brought down to only ten missions at the time of release.
The Mobile Edition of the asasyńskiej series is different from their bigger brothers in several material respects. Here’s the game there is no open worldevery mission is simply a large, but limited area. Greater emphasis also on RPG elements. Our hero has a lot of statistics, will advance to the next level, as well as during combat uses a variety of skills. The whole thing is made to fit the mobile style of playmissions are short, and the difficulty level too high.
Assassin’s Creed Identity android is a nice scene of the famous series, though not without flaws. And these include the need to quite a number of grinding, the high hardware requirements but rather impoverished relative to other parts of the gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, control was not ideally suited to touch screens and it happens to fail, in the game it’s hard to swing. For the benefit of the Identity speaks in turn efektowa graphics, nice music and – despite these weaknesses – the fact that we can play in Assassin’s Creed on the phone. Is that in fact we are dealing with a game premiumYes, there are micropayments, but are completely optional, directed at most for exceptionally impatient players. In a Word, is the next after Rayman Adventures successful, though not the ideal mobile production of Ubisoft.

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